Create a Plugin in the in Linux for Processmaker 3.0

  To Create a Plugin in the in Linux for Processmaker 3.0
Now let us create the plugin using Linux/ ret hat os for the processmaker. The main Steps to Plugins can not be created on Windows servers, because Windows does not support symbolic links;

however, there is an experimental script for Windows servers available at <INSTALL-DIRECTORY>/workflow/engine/gulliver-win.bat which can be tested.

The steps given below as a step by step please follow this any query just post commands.

Step :1
root@BPMServer:~# # ln -s /opt/processmaker/gulliver/bin/gulliver /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine

Step :3
root@BPMServer:~# cd /opt/processmaker/workflow/engine

Step :3
root@BPMServer:/opt/processmaker/workflow/engine# php gulliver

available pake tasks:
  create-poedit-file        > create poedit file for system labels
   args: [<lang-id> [<country-id> [verbose]]]
  generate-unit-test-class  > generate a unit test file for an existing class
   args: <class-filename>
  new-plugin                > build new plugin
   args: <name>
  pack-plugin               > pack plugin in .tar file
   args: <plugin>
  propel-build-crud         > generate basic CRUD files for an existing class
   args: <class-name> <table-name> <plugin-name>
  propel-build-db           > create database for current model
  propel-build-model        > create classes for current model
  propel-build-schema       > create schema.xml from existing database
  propel-build-sql          > create sql for current model
  propel-dump-data          > dump data to fixtures directory
  propel-insert-sql         > insert sql for current model
  test-all                  > launch all tests
  test-functional           > launch functional tests for an application
  test-unit                 > launch unit tests
  update-plugin-attributes  > Update the plugin attributes in all workspaces
   args: <plugin-name>
  version                   > gulliver version

Step :4
root@BPMServer:/opt/processmaker/workflow/engine# php gulliver new-plugin sample

using DSN Connection
creating plugin directory /opt/plugins/sample
saved 385 bytes in file sample/setup.xml [pluginSetup.xml]
saved 183 bytes in file sample/messageShow.xml [pluginMessageShow.xml]
saved 3055 bytes in file sample/config/schema.xml [pluginSchema.xml]
saved 2065 bytes in file sample/config/propel.ini [pluginPropel.ini]
saved 2059 bytes in file sample/config/propel.mysql.ini [pluginPropel.mysql.ini]
Change system logo [y/N]: n
Create an example Page [Y/n]: y
saved 147 bytes in file sample/menusample.php [pluginMenu]
saved 924 bytes in file sample/sampleApplication.php [pluginApplication.php]
saved 45 bytes in file sample/sampleApplication.html [pluginApplication.html]
saved 6512 bytes in file sample/sampleApplication.js [pluginApplication.js]
saved 1519 bytes in file sample/sampleApplicationAjax.php [pluginApplicationAjax.php]

Create new option in the menu of cases [Y/n]: y
saved 2370 bytes in file sample/menuCasessample.php [pluginMenuCases]
saved 542 bytes in file sample/sampleApplication2.php [pluginApplication2.php]
saved 45 bytes in file sample/sampleApplication2.html [pluginApplication2.html]
saved 7595 bytes in file sample/sampleApplication2.js [pluginApplication2.js]
saved 542 bytes in file sample/sampleApplication3.php [pluginApplication3.php]
saved 45 bytes in file sample/sampleApplication3.html [pluginApplication3.html]
saved 561 bytes in file sample/sampleApplication3.js [pluginApplication3.js]

Create the Role 'PROCESSMAKER_sample' and
       the Permission 'PM_sample' [y/N]: y

Create a Redirect Login for the Role 'PROCESSMAKER_sample' [y/N]: n

Create external step for Processmaker [y/N]: n
Create an element for the Processmaker Dashboards [y/N]: n
Create a PmFunction Class for extending Processmaker [y/N]: y

saved 480 bytes in file sample/classes/class.pmFunctions.php [class.pmFunctions.php]

saved 1531 bytes in file sample.php [pluginMainFile]

saved 381 bytes in file sample/class.sample.php [pluginClass]

Then move the folder to the path of:


with the pluginname.php and plugin folder and refresh the plugin manager -> and make the plugin to be enabled...


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