Logging In with ProcessMaker's WSDL Web Services


login() Web Service

After instantiating a SOAP client object, then use the login() function to start a web services session in ProcessMaker:

loginResponse login(string userid, string password)

The userid is the name of the user and password is the user's password. Note that the function parameters for web service functions have to be passed as an associative array within an array.

For instance, if the user ID is 'andy' and the password is 'foobar', then log in using the following script in PHP:     


   ini_set("soap.wsdl_cache_enabled", "0");
   $client = new SoapClient($params['clientUrl']);
   $values = array
  (array('userid'=> 'admin', 'password'=> 'pass2017!'));
   $result = $client->__SoapCall('login', $values);
   $sessionId  = $result->message;


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